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Cleveland Indians: Trevor Bauer back at it again on Twitter

(Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images)
(Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images) /

While Cleveland Indians fans wait on offseason moves, Trevor Bauer is giving everyone something to talk about with his latest tweets.

We have spent the past few weeks talking about trade rumors involving Cleveland Indians players.

Trevor Bauer has been a part of those rumors, but we can take a break from trade speculation for a minute to look at some fun Bauer has been having on Twitter.

It started with this:

Bauer has honed his craft at Driveline Baseball over the years and is taking a new, scientific approach to the art of pitching. It seems to have worked for him so far.

So the challenge was out there. Bauer decided to challenge one player in particular:

Mr. Alex Bregman. He of the Houston Astros, or the team that took offense to Bauer calling them out for likely doctoring the ball on the mound. They sure did get very defensive for a group of people claiming innocence.

The two went back and forth, with Bregman sharing a video of him hitting a home run off Bauer in this year’s ALDS. But I didn’t want to share that tweet. The wounds are still too fresh.

Bauer finally responded with this:

Somewhat trolling Bregman, but still a serious offer. If Bregman had a sense of humor, he may show up. But for now, he may just prefer tweeting at Bauer, or ignoring him altogether.

I love the modern world where athletes tweet and we learn more about them as opposed to just getting information through beat reporters. It makes them more relatable and allows fans to interact and have fun with them during the offseason.

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I doubt anything will come of this, but it is a fun way to keep in touch with the baseball world during a cold winter.