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Cleveland Indians: Things to watch for in the coming weeks

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We’re approaching the MLB Winter Meetings and the offseason is starting to get juicy. What should we expect from the Cleveland Indians as the offseason continues?

Well, we’ve made it this far in the offseason and nothing too drastic has happened with the Cleveland Indians. But don’t expect for things to stay that way. The rumor cycle continues to churn up new stories almost every day now. With the Winter Meetings a little over a week away, we’re bound to get more news and rumors that could change how this ballclub looks.

There are still free agents aplenty, and I wouldn’t expect the offseason signings to move as slowly this year. The Indians have reportedly talked with a few teams about trading over some starting pitchers in exchange for young talent. That’s surely not the end of their plans. Here are some things to watch for in the coming weeks.

Someone gets traded

It’s probably going to be a starting pitcher, so be ready for it. The Yankees and Dodgers have reportedly shown interest in several Tribe pitchers. Corey Kluber and Carlos Carrasco have been the names that I’ve seen attached to most rumors.

I’m prepared to have waterfalls flowing out of my eyes if we lose either of those gems. But it’s baseball. Good things typically don’t last long. The Indians would have to get some pretty substantial pieces in exchange for Kluber, but teams may look to get Carrasco for a cheaper price.

The Indians add an outfielder

This feels like a no-brainer right? While I’ve learned to temper my expectations, I would like to see the Indians address this issue. Even though “dA DOlaNs aRe ChEAp” I don’t think the Indians will sit on all of their money without first acquiring an outfielder. It doesn’t have to be a big name. (But Bryce Harper WAS just the guest picker at Ohio State’s college gameday. Hmmm…)

Marwin Gonzalez would be a great, younger option. He’s among the youngest available left fielders. It also fills an immediate need that the Indians have as center field and right field can be filled with players already on the roster.

The team makes an announcement at Tribe Fest

While it’s more of a hot take or prediction than it is something to expect, this would be an effective way to break news. Positive news, at that. That’s something that fans need. (Maybe something like a lifetime contract for Francisco Lindor).

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Or the announcement could have something to do with the All-Star game coming to Cleveland. Maybe the team has something big planned. Who knows. A lot can happen as the offseason rolls along. Speculation is fun and scary. Just in typing this I gave myself 3 panic attacks. Whatever, go Tribe.