Cleveland Indians: Trevor Bauer continues to be a Twitter legend

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(Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /

Does it feel like a slow news day to write about the Cleveland Indians pitcher ruling the world of Twitter? Yes. Do we care? Absolutely not. You do you, Trevor.

While fans of other teams may despise him, Cleveland Indians fans love the trolling that Trevor Bauer does on Twitter. He’s already done a great job of marketing himself as the seemingly immature, yet lovable baseball nerd.

He’s already angered the majority of the Astros fanbase through his tweets. He even made a shirt to put a cherry on top of his trolling of Astros fans.

And now the Twitter king has added another shirt to his shop.

I’m as immature as the next person so I know I have to buy one. But merchandise isn’t the only way that Bauer continues to stay on top of his social media game. Bauer is one of the few athletes who will take the time to reply to his fans and critics, alike.

While it seems childish (it’s very childish but I don’t care and it cracks me up) people keep coming after him. During the postseason, Bauer took the time to twist the #NeverSettle tag that the Astros use against them when they were accused of cheating.

Bauer has also said multiple times through Twitter that he will not sign a multi-year deal. I’d love to keep Trevor around for a prolonged period. Having him as a jokester on and off the field makes him fun to root for.

He interacts with Clevelanders, and haters alike. The interaction he had with McNeil (Reflog_18), a popular Cleveland based user the other day was priceless. Here is a link to the full interaction.

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We won’t have Trevor Bauer as one of our own forever. But even when he leaves, he makes it hard to root against him. Even when he gets into a war with another teams’ fanbase, you have to love his wit.