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Cleveland Indians: What to make of the crazy rumors

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Between not sending any qualifying offers and the new rumors of every player on the block, it’s been a wild weekend for Cleveland Indians fans.

Panicked is one word I would use to describe the how the latest rumors circling the Cleveland Indians have made me feel. With the report that the Indians will listen to trade offers on anyone not named Jose Ramirez and Francisco Lindor, it’s beginning to feel like the Indians championship window is closing fast.

Reportedly every player on the roster is up for grabs, and you can bet teams will call for the likes of Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco, Trevor Bauer, and others. The Indians know that their window will be closed in a few years. Maybe this is their way of refilling the farm system and clearing up cap space to make them able to extend Lindor.

Now sure, the farm system is rather drained. But if the plan all along was to make everyone available, why trade prospects like Francisco Mejia? It leaves the system vulnerable. Now the Indians have to hope they’ll get something worthwhile in return for their stars.

This feels like a far cry from a team that will contend for a World Series, especially when they’re willing to sell everybody. Maybe the Indians can get stronger in their farm system and be ready for another run further down the line. But by selling everyone now, you’re basically waving the white flag.

If the Indians think clearing cap space is the best way to keep Lindor around, fine. But how badly will he want to stay if he knows he’s no longer playing for a contender. Will the Indians really lure in any free agents if their possibly fielding a Triple-A roster?

It sounds like a lot of doom and gloom, but we have to think realistically about the Indians chances going forward and if we should accept the surrender. This could potentially add another 10 years to the 70-year drought that we’re suffering through now.

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If it’s really the end, it was a good run. This would feel as bad if the Indians won the World Series in 2016. Now it just feels like we’re going to keep waiting and waiting. It feels like we’re not going to see any of the upcoming free agents in an Indians uniform ever again. If we’re willing to accept that, maybe we can start looking forward to some new young players.