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Cleveland Indians: Spring Training is just under four months away

(Photo by Rob Tringali/Getty Images)
(Photo by Rob Tringali/Getty Images) /

The weather is getting nasty and the peaceful summer days filled with baseball are gone. But the Cleveland Indians are back in Goodyear before we know it.

The biggest news surrounding the Cleveland Indians right now is the fact the team has four Gold Glove finalists.

Are you excited!?!

Probably not.

It is that time of year. The sky is gray, the snow is coming and for the first time in four years the Cavs are garbage. The Browns are better, but are still the Browns.

This has me sitting here waiting for more Indians baseball. Like a dog sitting at the window all day waiting for its people to come home.

In what is always an annual surprise to me, I discovered that Indians baseball isn’t all that far away. In fact, the team is back in Spring Training action on February 23, 2019. That is not even a full four months from now!

And in a bit of questionable scheduling, the regular season begins in Minnesota on March 28. That’s right, in Minnesota. In March. Sounds like a lovely day to sit outside.

The weather will be a little better in Arizona in February, and seeing the schedule means it is a perfect time to plan a trip out there. I went to Goodyear once and took in three games, and I would argue that every Indians fan who is able should make the trip. There is nothing more surreal than hearing the players have casual conversations and interact with the fans.

The trip also means getting out of the cold Cleveland weather. But be careful. One hour in that sun after five months of overcast skies can be brutal on the skin.

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So there’s my pitch to make the trip. Book the trip now and before you know it, February will already be here.