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Trying to watch the 2018 World Series as a Cleveland Indians fan

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The 2018 World Series is currently taking place and it may be a difficult event for Cleveland Indians fans to watch with the way the season ended.

The World Series began Tuesday night as the Boston Red Sox pulled out an exciting victory. Or so I was told.

I realize I may sound spoiled to complain about the Cleveland Indians not being in the World Series. Fans of so many teams struggled to stay interested during brutal seasons. I can’t even fathom being a fan of the Baltimore Orioles right now.

The difference is that the Indians were once again a contender, at least on paper. Anything short of winning the World Series would feel like a letdown.

That is why I am finding it difficult to stay interested in the World Series. Coming from a small market like Cleveland, watching a matchup of Los Angeles and Boston is hardly anything new and exciting. The one team Indians fans could have gotten behind was the Milwaukee Brewers, but their season is over as well.

I had this same feeling last year after the ALDS collapse against the New York Yankees. I was told that the World Series featured some all-time great moments. Instead of watching, I was in Put-in-Bay, bracing the cold in a bee costume. It was Halloween after all.

The freezing cold air off Lake Erie was something I’d rather be around than baseball at that time, and the same is true this year. Well, I’ll find a warmer alternative activity.

I’m curious as to what other Indians fans think on this topic. One argument to make is that baseball fans may as well watch because after next week, there won’t be another game for months. But if one only cares about the Indians, watching may not make much sense. It may be seen as torture rather than a quick escape from life to watch a baseball game.

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