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Cleveland Indians Playoff History: Jason Kipnis puts us oh so close

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(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

We continue our look back at the greatest playoff games in Cleveland Indians history. This one is a World Series game.

So far all of the games were part of a winning series for the Cleveland Indians. The next two were great games in a series that didn’t end the way we hoped.

Game 4 of the 2016 World Series. At Wrigley Field. Corey Kluber, winner of Game 1, vs. Jon Lester. (More on Game 1 later.)

It was amazing the Indians had made it to the series, given their rotation. (See also the introduction to #10). 

And now they were up two games to one in the World Series.

Bottom of the first. Dexter Fowler doubles and Anthony Rizzo singles. Cubs 1-0.

No problem. Carlos Santana led off the second with a solo home run. One out later Lonnie Chisenhall reaches on a throwing error by Kris Bryant. Robbie Perez grounds out, sending Chiz to second. The Cubs walk Tyler Naquin, bringing up Kluber.

Kluber hits a slow roller to third. Bryant has no chance to get him. This doesn’t stop him from trying though. Bryant throws the ball away again, allowing Chiz to score and putting the Indians ahead for good. It’s not a game-winning run batted in for Kluber, but it’s not bad.

From here on the game just keeps getting better.

In the third Kipnis doubles and Lindor singles. 3-1.

In the sixth the Indians manufacture a run with a walk, single, fielders choice and sacrifice fly. 4-1.

In the seventh things get really fun.

Coco Crisp doubles. Rajai Davis is hit by a pitch.

The Cubs call on Travis Wood to face (Chicago native) Jason Kipnis.

It’s a great call, if you’re an Indians fan. Kipnis hits a 3-1 pitch deep into the right field seats. Indians lead 7-1.

All night long – in fact all series long – I had been messaging my elementary school/high school/ college buddy Chris.

After the home run I messaged him “And now some poor (expletive deleted) has to sing ‘Take me out to the ball game.'”

The duty fell to Vince Vaughn, who did his best to get the crowd going, but:

  1. They were shell-shocked, and
  2. He’s Vince Vaughn. We aren’t talking Sinatra here folks.

That said, he didn’t sing it in a Daffy Duck voice like Bill Murray. (Click at your own risk).

And not to get too far off track, but the Chicago Tribune had a headline after Game 5 asking, “Who sang ‘stretch’ best – Bill, Vince or Eddie (Vedder)?”

Uh… gee, I don’t know, maybe the professional singer?

(As a Tribe fan they all irritated me, bunch of Cubs’ homers. But Vedder was the best.)

Meanwhile, back to the game.

The Cubs managed a meaningless solo home run by Dexter Fowler in the eighth. It did come off Andrew Miller, which proved that Miller is human.

Final score, Indians 7, Cubs 2.

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The Indians now led the series three games to one. And while none of the remaining 2016 World Series playoff games will make the good list, one of the prior games will. Stay tuned.