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Cleveland Indians: Jose Ramirez up for 2018 offseason award

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Indians had a frustrating end to the season, but there are still some individual awards to be won in the offseason.

The Cleveland Indians obviously didn’t achieve the ultimate goal of winning a World Series. But that doesn’t mean fans can’t get somewhat excited about some postseason awards.

It’s better than just burrowing away for the winter and hiding from any baseball news, even if that is the easier option.

One award fans have a say in is the Heart & Hustle Award. Here is an explanation of what the award stands for:

"Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association’s Heart & Hustle Award is voted on by Major League alumni and active players and is presented annually to a player who demonstrates a passion for the game of baseball and best embodies the values, spirit and traditions of the game."

Each team has a nominee and fans can vote for the award right here. Fan voting only makes up five percent of the voting, but at least there is some audience input.

Jose Ramirez is the player nominated for the Indians and it is easy to see why. Ramirez plays the game hard and is never dealing with any distractions either on or off the field. His issue is his postseason production, but he is still young.

The voting ends Monday at noon, so be sure to give Jose a vote before the deadline.

I understand that this is not the time of year when Indians fans are getting hyped for postseason awards. Especially one such as the Heart & Hustle Award. But at least it gives baseball fans something Indians-related to follow at a time of year when the main story in town is the Browns.

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So take a few minutes and give Ramirez a vote. This may be the only postseason award an Indians player has a legitimate shot to win this offseason.