Cleveland Indians: Wrapping up the 2018 season in the BB Podcast

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(Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images) /

Steven and Carson discuss the way the 2018 Cleveland Indians season ended and look ahead to 2019 in the latest episode of the Believeland Ball Podcast.

The 2018 MLB postseason rages on and I can’t gather the energy to watch every single game.

It is just too painful with the way the Cleveland Indians ended the season.

It took us a full week, but Carson and I finally recorded another episode of the Believeland Ball Podcast. But don’t worry, we try to stay as positive as possible.

The episode can be found right here or on iTunes by searching for the show.

We discuss our thoughts on the slow march to the finish that was the ALDS and give our thoughts on what to look forward to in 2019. Maybe the next regular season will have a bit more energy behind it after the way things went this year.

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Our schedule may slow down a bit now that the offseason is here, but that may also just be my general fatigue talking. We will find storylines to discuss, even if we go a bit off the rails.

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Once again, the latest episode can be found right here on Spreaker or on iTunes by searching for the show. If you know other Indians fans who may enjoy the show, be sure to tell them about it or just play it at full volume in their presence.