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Cleveland Indians: Different views on the greatest postseason moment

Mandatory Credit: Jamie Squire/ALLSPORT
Mandatory Credit: Jamie Squire/ALLSPORT /

The Cleveland Indians have had plenty of special postseason moments. Depending on your age, the greatest one of all time may vary.

The 2018 postseason was a short one for Cleveland Indians fans.

The team bowed out in three games and never looked like much of a threat to the Houston Astros. So it goes.

To bring some good vibes to fans of every team, recently ran a piece looking at the greatest postseason moment in each MLB team’s history.

My initial thought for the Indians was Rajai Davis‘ Game 7 home run back in the 2016 World Series. It is something that comes to mind any time his name is mentioned and is a moment no one will ever forget.

But the article, written by Will Leitch, pegged Eddie Murray‘s 1995 World Series Game 3 walk-off as the best moment. It is hard to argue with that take.

It was the first time the Indians were back in the World Series since 1954 and the team pulled off a heroic comeback in the first World Series game at Jacobs Field.

What this article did was bring to light just how different memories are for fans of different eras. The Murray walk-off is something I was not old enough to enjoy when it happened. So it doesn’t even come to mind.

If you were to ask fans who were around for the 1948 and 1954 World Series, they may have much different views on the greatest moment ever. The 1948 Series would be a better one to cite considering the team actually came away victorious.

For me, Rajai Davis still holds the title of greatest Indians postseason moment. For someone else, it could be Murray’s hit or even something else.

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What is your favorite Indians postseason moment?