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Cleveland Indians: Tribe fan’s guide to who to root for

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With four teams remaining in the MLB postseason, we’re here to give Cleveland Indians fans reasons to root for each team through the World Series.

It’s unfortunate that we have to write this article, but with the Cleveland Indians out of the picture, the show still goes on in the MLB postseason. Four teams remain in contention for the World Series title. The Milwaukee Brewers, LA Dodgers, Boston Red Sox, and Houston Astros all have strong cases to take home the crown.

While we all may have a reason to dislike these teams, someone has to win. Unfortunately “giant meteor wiping us all out” will not be listed as an option. Someone has to win, so we might as well root for someone. Let’s take a look at our options.

Houston Astros

Where do we start? They beat the Indians in three games and have shown that they might be the most dominant team in the bracket. The Astros look better than they did last year and it’s going to be hard to slow them down. George Springer is a really fun player and so is Jose Altuve.

Why root for them?

You should root for them because they beat the Indians. If we’re going to lose, we might as well lose to the best. They have fun players and it would be cool to see a team go back-to-back to stop hearing that the Yankees were the last team to do so.

Why root against them?

They beat us. They deserve to suffer for such a heinous act. Justin Verlander should never win a World Series and for some reason, they have a serious grudge against our beloved pitchers

Boston Red Sox

While they may seem like the most unattractive option, the Red Sox did the world a favor by eliminating the New York Yankees. They had the best record in baseball this year and they carry two MVP candidates on their roster. Chris Sale deserves something for his constant suffering, maybe this is his year.

Why root for them?

They beat the Yankees, praise them. Ratings will skyrocket with them in the World Series to silence the MLB doubters. It would make Yankees fans furious, and they can take down the Astros who beat us.

Why root against them?

Their fans are insufferable and the city of Boston doesn’t need any more championships. No one wants the constant MLB promotion that will follow with a Red Sox title. They are arguably the second most hated MLB franchise.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The National League was a roller coaster ride that saw two division winners play a 163rd game. The Dodgers were one of those teams and took care of business against the Rockies. The Dodgers have a chance for revenge after the World Series last year, a story us Indians fans can relate to.

Why root for them?

Again, they’re ratings giants out there. They also find themselves in a long title drought that they just can’t get past. As Indians fans, we can get behind that. Can Clayton Kershaw get a ring already?

Why root against them?

They are the Yankees of the west. Manny Machado doesn’t deserve a ring for moving out to LA. No one wants to see a high salary cap team win it all. They had their chance last year.

Milwaukee Brewers

Last but not least we have the National League’s loveable underdogs. The Brewers edged out the Cubs for the NL Central title after a disappointing season last year. The Brew Crew went out and acquired some big names in the offseason such as Christain Yellich, Lorenzo Cain, and added Mike Moustakas in free agency.

Why root for them?

Bob Uecker deserves to call another World Series. They are the hottest team in baseball, and they’re damn fun to watch. Christian Yellich deserves a ring to cap off his big-time season. How can you not root for a team named after beer?

Why root against them?

If Bob Uecker is calling a World Series, the Indians should be in it. Our former co-expert betrayed us and writes for the Reviewing the Brew. We’re the lovable team, not them.

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Well, there you have it. Plenty of reasons to root for the remaining teams and plenty to hate them. If you’re still bitter about the Indians losing, I may recommend not watching at all. As tempting as that sounds, I want to cherish what little baseball we have left. No matter who you chose, remember it is only temporary. As always, Go Tribe forever.