Cleveland Indians: Things to do to pass time in the offseason

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It’s going to be a long offseason. But life without the Cleveland Indians doesn’t have to be all bad. Here are a few things to pass the time this Winter.

If you’re like me, the offseason is one of the more painful times of the year. Sure there are plenty of other sports to watch, but life without the Cleveland Indians just doesn’t have the same shine to it.

In order to keep yourself from going crazy, you might have to get creative and come up with some things to do until Indians baseball makes it’s (hopefully) triumphant return. Never fear, Tribe fans. We here at Believeland Ball are here to give you some things to do to pass the time until Spring Training.

Catch up with the family

This is a no-brainer. You’ve just spent the last eight months or so staring at the screen watching baseball. Your family may have considered that you have a problem at some point. It’s hard to balance family life and baseball when games are being played nearly every day.

Maybe now is a good time to give loved ones a call. It is the Holiday season after all, so it’s perfect timing. You can even get a head start now! Who wants to watch the World Series without the Indians anyhow?

Cleanse your liver

Let’s face it. A lot of us spent many summers days enjoying beers or some stiff drinks while watching the Indians take us on a roller coaster ride. Maybe now is a good time to give the liver a bit of a break. He does a lot for you in the summer while you try to forget horrible Indians losses and celebrate thrilling wins.

Sure beer and football go hand in hand, but maybe just let the little guy rest up. Besides, the Browns look like they won’t drive you to drink (as much) this year!

Take up a new hobby

Sometimes your favorite pastimes take a backseat to America’s pastime during the summer. No one will blame you there (unless you’re a Tigers fan). I happen to be a musician, but when I picked up my bass after not playing most of the summer, the strings fell off and turned to dust. Perfect time to pick up the hobby again.

But other things you could do include fishing (ice fishing too!), kayaking (ice kayaking too!), going to the gym to work off the beer you drank all summer or even yoga. I’ve been told by ex-girlfriends that yoga would be good for me so I don’t yell at the TV so much. Needless to say, I haven’t listened… but that doesn’t mean you all can’t!

Catch up on TV shows and movies

Did you folks know that some great movie called Infinity War came out this year? I was told it came out sometime around when the Corey Kluber rocked the Mariners. I, for one, am going to check that out and tell all my friends about it.

I’ve been told that I “live under a rock” by not watching TV shows like Breaking Bad or Parks and Recreation. I suppose now is as good a time as ever to tune into some of these new hit shows so that I’m ready to watch them once their new seasons start. I recommend you all do the same so we can have something to discuss this offseason!

Watch… other sports?

I’m 0-5 in my fantasy football league, but little do they know that I haven’t watched because baseball has been on. Now they’re all in big trouble! The NBA is going to be fun this year, the Cavs always have a chance with LeBron, I’m sure he’s happy to bring Cleveland a championship since the Indians were unable to.

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I’m so sorry, why did no one tell me?

Hockey season is also back in full swing! The NHL has 31 teams, which is pretty weird but at least their players can hit, unlike the Cleveland Indians in the postseason.

Try dating

It’s the perfect time of year to find a significant other and show them that you aren’t a complete crazy person. Go on cute dates for the holiday, get to know each other and have fun. But don’t get too attached. Once baseball season starts back up, they will realize baseball turns you into a crazy person who knows nothing else but the sport.

Play MLB The Show and pretend the season is still happening

This is my personal favorite. Let’s just keep baseball going all offseason. They have a franchise mode where you can play every single game of the year which is just crazy. It’s the perfect way to still be distant from your family, not watch or do anything else, and even have a beer while pretending that baseball is still on!

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So you see, it’s not all that bad without Indians baseball. The world still has plenty of things to do. So save your tears for night time, after you’ve tried these new things out. Because as we all know, there is nothing better than watching Indians baseball