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Cleveland Indians: Tribe open playoffs with 9/1 odds to win it all

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If gambling is your thing, then start placing your bets now. Bovada has released it’s World Series odds and lists the Indians with the 4th best odds to win it all.

Call your bookie and place your bets, folks. As the playoffs open up, the consensus odds for the Cleveland Indians are +900 or 9/1 odds  to win the World Series in the case of Bovada. That means if you place down a 100 bet on the Tribe, you’re looking at a huge payout should they win their first title since 1948.

The Indians have one of the worst the records among every team in the playoffs, but it’s not stopping them from hanging with the big boys as far as Vegas is concerned. They don’t build those casinos for no reason, people.

Looking at some of the other odds, the Red Sox are favorite (duh) at +300, followed by the Astros with +350 odds. Bovada actually has the Indians with the same odds as the Brewers, making the brewers the 2nd favorite in the National League behind the Dodgers.

Things aren’t that favorable for the Yankees, as they actually sit with 11/1 odds, just like the Cubs. As for the bottom of the list, the Rockies have some doubters to prove wrong with 18/1 odds. I wouldn’t say Vegas seems to like the National League’s chances too much. But that’s the general consensus with how loaded the American League is.

What is funny to take away from this is how mad Yankees fans will get that they have worse odds than the Indians. It’ll be even better if Oakland (who has 14/1 odds) sends them out in the Wild-Card game.

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So how do you feel about these odds? Are you logging on and calling your bookie to place a sure-fire money-making bet? By now you should know to never count the Indians out of anything, and if they start winning the odds will only increase.