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Cleveland Indians: One final matchup against the Tigers

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Is it October yet?

Not to steal the quote from the NHL, but I can’t be the only now just waiting for October to be here. At this point it looks like the Cleveland Indians are also amongst those waiting for the postseason to arrive. The Indians have played inconsistent baseball for a few weeks now and it seems like they know they’re going to be playing in October and they’re just waiting for it to arrive.

The Indians know all about being hot going into the playoffs, as they were the hottest team in baseball going into the 2017 postseason, and we all know what followed. Maybe this different approach will keep the Indians feeling energetic heading into the playoffs, maybe it’s a sign of who they are. One thing is for sure, we’ll find out in October.

Worse/Best case scenario

Worse case scenario: 2-1 series win

“But Carson, wouldn’t a series loss be the worst case scenario?” Yes, it would be, concerned commenter, but I simply do not see that happening. The Indians are inconsistent, and Josh Tomlin is starting one of these games. But the Indians have mastered the art of stomping the Tigers. If the Indians lose this series, it will not be a worse case; it will be a complete disaster.

Best case scenario: 3-0 series win

I was tempted to make the best case a 2-1 series win, seeing how winning with Josh Tomlin seems improbable. But alas, I have hope. Hope usually results in pain. Just ask any Cleveland fan. But the hope is Josh Tomlin can be serviceable enough for the Indians to build a substantial lead, along with stellar performances from Clevinger and Bieber.

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The series kicks off tonight at 7:10 PM EST along with a 3:10 PM start on Saturday, and wraps up early on Sunday. Be sure to show a Tigers fan that you understand their suffering if you happen to see one this weekend. Go Tribe.