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Cleveland Indians: Remembering The Streak (Week 3)

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(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

On August 24, 2017 the Cleveland Indians went on a tear unlike any other in baseball history. This article looks at the third week of the streak.

In July of 2017, Cleveland-based Universal Windows Direct offered customers a deal. If the Cleveland Indians won 15 games in a row in 2017 after August 1 customers would receive free windows.

The logic for picking 15 in a row was simple. From June 17 to July 1, 2016, the Indians won 14 games in a row.

The odds of the Indians winning 15 in a row were high. Less than half of all major league teams have won 15 or more games in a row.

As we start week three, all Indians fans are happy about the streak – but some are really happy. There are $2 million worth of windows on the line here.

Game 12: Indians 5, White Sox 3

The Indians score two in the second and never trail. Carlos Santana has two hits and a home run. Jose Ramirez a home run. Trevor Bauer for the win.

Star of the game: Carlos Santana. I miss him. I would have never paid him $20 million, but he has a cool name.

The Indians now have 22 home runs during the streak.

Opponents now have a total of 21 runs scored during the streak.

Sure we’re still living large off the back-to-back-to-back shutouts of the Royals, but who cares?  Windows are just three games away.

Game 13: The game that looked like the windows might be closing… but they weren’t. Indians 9, White Sox 4

Danny Salazar comes off the disabled list and starts. Austin Jackson hits a home run in the first. So does Jose Ramirez.

Salazar immediately turns a 3-0 lead into a 4-3 deficit with a walk, strikeout, groundout, walk, hit by pitch and home run.

No problem. The Indians bullpen (Goody, Otero, McAllister, Smith, Olson, Shaw and Armstrong) throw 8.1 scoreless innings, and Jose Ramirez hits another home run (because he’s Jose Ramirez) in the second. Yan Gomes hits a three-run homer in the eighth.

Star of the game: Ho Hum. Two home runs. Jose Ramirez again.

Opponents Runs: 25. Indians Home Runs: 25.

Game 14: Indians 5, White Sox 1

Carlos Santana goes 3 for 4 with a home run.

Carlos Carrasco throws a complete game. Nine strikeouts, three hits. And the bullpen gets the needed rest.

Star of the game: Carlos Carrasco. Guess I don’t miss Santana as much as I thought.

Opponents Runs: 26. Indians Home Runs: 26.

Game 15:  Free Windows, and not the crappy Microsoft kind. Indians 11, White Sox 2

Many years ago my wife and I bought a Honda CRV. The dealership was running a promotion. If it rained on a particular day in July – and the rainfall was around an inch in total – the car was free.

When I woke up on that day, it was raining.

And then it stopped. And the car wasn’t free.

For the 2017 windows promotion the rain started early and it went on all game long.

Inning one:  Edwin Encarncion a two-run homer. Indians storm out to a 4-0 lead.

Inning two: Francisco Lindor a solo shot. Indians 5-2.

Inning three: Erik Gonzalez, his third of the season. Indians 7-2.

Inning seven: Greg Allen, the first of his career. Indians 10-2.

Inning eight: Erik Gonzalez again.

Star of the game: Corey Kluber had a nice game with 13 strikeouts in seven innings. But that’s not uncommon for Corey. Erik Gonzalez with two home runs gets the star.

Opponents runs: 28. Indians Home Runs: 31.  Pow.

Game 16: So we have the windows – now how far can we go? Indians 5, Orioles 0

The next record in sight was the Oakland A’s American League record 20-game winning streak in 2002.

The Indians came home for three games against Baltimore.

Mike Clevinger starts the game. Fun fact (impress your friends): This game was one of six shutouts he started in 2017.

Parrot sighting in inning one. And a three-run parrot at that.

Star of the game: Clev.

OR stays at 28. IHR moves to 32.

Game 17:  Indians 4 Orioles 2

Josh Tomlin goes five innings for the win.

Once again the bullpen comes through. It’s about time to award them a star.

Frankie home run moves IHR to 33 (OR at 30).

Star of the game: Bryan Shaw strikes out three in one inning.

Game 18: Indians 3 Orioles 2

Game is tied at 1-1 in the sixth. Robbie Perez unties it with a solo shot off Jeremy Hellickson. Frankie Lindor is next up and he also goes solo against Hellickson.

I’m not sure how many times two guys from Puerto Rico have gone back-to-back jack in major league history, but this was one of those times. Huzzah.

Star of the game: I’m going with Lindor. He had two hits and scored two runs.

IHR: 35. OR: 32.

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One more week to go in the streak. Next week we review the end of the streak, what happened next and where the Indians streak really stands in historical streaks.