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Cleveland Indians: Remembering The Streak (Week 2)

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

On August 24, 2017 the Cleveland Indians went on a tear unlike any other in baseball history. This article looks at the second week of the streak.

We pick up with game five. The Cleveland Indians have just swept the Royals, allowing a grand total of no runs in the series.

But things might get tougher – the Tribe now moves to Yankee Stadium.

Game five: Indians 6, Yankees 2

Jose Ramirez gets the party started with a home run in the top of the first. Chase Headley ties the game with a home run off Corey Kluber in the third. Todd Frazier puts the Yankees on top 2-1 with a run-scoring single in the fifth.

In the top of the fifth Jose Ramirez again hits the ball very far for his second home run of the game. (What’s that smell? Smells like a player of the game award.) Carlos Santana hits a solo shot one inning later, then Bradley Zimmer singles, steals a base, advances on an error and scores on a wild pitch. Austin Jackson a solo shot, Bradley Zimmer a late run scoring double.

Meanwhile Kluber is like “No soup for you Yankees!” and we have ourselves another win.

Star of the game: Jose Ramirez. Two home runs and a stolen base. Awesome.

Running totals after five games: Opponents runs: 8, Indians home runs: 12.

Game six: Indians 2, Yankees 1

The Indians get off to a great start. Lindor singles, Guyer flies out to center (Wait, what? Who’s batting second?). Frankie steals second, Jose singles him to third. Yandy Diaz comes up. Passed ball (1-0) and a single (2-0). The Indians are now on a 54-run pace, which is even better than their best game in New York.

The bad news: They don’t score any more runs.

The good news: They don’t need to.

The Yankees score a run in the… well who cares what inning it was? Tribe wins again.

Star of the game: Jose again. 4 for 4 gets you a star. If the entire lineup hit like that they’d still be playing this game.

Running totals after six games: Opponents runs: 9, Indians home runs: 12.

Game seven: Good Guys 9, Evil Empire 4

This was actually the second game of a double-header. The Indians came to the plate and said “Hey remember how we started that last game with two runs? Well how about four runs this time? You like that New York? Huh? Do you?”

Okay, they didn’t necessarily say it, but they did it. They added single runs in the fifth, sixth and eighth and a pair of runs in the seventh. The Yankees scored a meaningless three runs against Zach McAllister in the ninth. But again, no one cares.

Offensively, Edwin takes a parrot for a run around the bases. Lindor also homers, as does Yan Gomes.

Star of the game: Edwin Encarnacion. He started the assault in the first inning, and had the lovely parrot trip in the fifth. Also award a star to Ryan Merritt, because he lowered his ERA to 1.74 in this game, and we still love him for what he did to Toronto in the 2016 ALCS.

Running totals after seven games: OR 13, IHR: 15. Opponents runs are closing the gap, but…

Game eight: Hey that sweep was fun – let’s go to Detroit and do it again on Friday! (Indians 3, Tigers 2)

We now take you to the bottom of the ninth inning in Comerica Park. Indians lead 3-2. Another parrot sighting, not much else going on so far.

Cody Allen in for the save. James McCann a base hit. Jacoby Jones strikes out. Jose Iglesias a single (runners on first and second). Ian Kinsler pops out. Alex Presley singles to load the bases.

And Miguel Cabrera is up.

Joe Smith is called on to face Miggy. And he faces him. Well, he gets him out. And saves the game and the streak.

Star of the game: Joe Smith.

Running totals after eight games: OR: 15, IHR: 16.

Game nine: Indians 10, Tigers nada

Growing up half my friends were Tigers fans, half were Indians. Our TV got the Toledo channels better than Cleveland, which meant Tigers games were easier to watch. Well, the fact that the Tigers won more often also made them easier to watch.

That meant I had to take crap from Tigers fans. So I hated the Tigers. Still do a little. Not as much as the Yankees, or the Red Sox, or the Cubs. But still – my heart is big enough to carry some residual Tiger hatred (at least until football season starts).

The only home run was Roberto Perez (huh…). But 10 runs, 15 hits and six scoreless innings from Clev. Very nice indeed.

Star of the game: Roberto Perez. And yeah, I graded on the curve.

Running totals: OR stays at 15. IHR moves to 17.

Game ten: Indians 5, Tigers 2

Recipe for success:

Step one: Score four runs in the top of the first.

Step two: Put Corey Kluber on the mound.

Star of the game: Abraham Almonte. He drove in three, and there were no home runs. Kluber would be another option, but he’s an option every time he pitches.

At this point the opponents total runs are at 17, tied with the Indians home runs.

Cranking it up to 11 in game 11: Indians 11, Tigers 1

In case you didn’t know it, Jose Ramirez is really really good at baseball. Case in point, this game:

He doubles in the third. And he doubles in the fifth. And he doubles in the eighth.

But enough about the low points.

In the first inning, he hits a home run. In the sixth inning, it’s “thank you sir may I have another?” Indeed you may Jose. Five at-bats, five extra base hits.

Actually it’s nothing like “thank you sir may I have another?” Unless you say that Jose is Niedermeyer and the ball is Kevin Bacon. Then it’s totally like that.

Star of the game: We covered that. If you get 14 total bases, you’re the star.

Cool fact of the game: Josh Tomlin starts and gets the win. 11-game streak, and six different starting pitchers. It just keeps getting cooler.

Running totals: OR: 18. IHR: 20 (Lindor also had one in this game).

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The streak is now 11 games long. And free windows are on the horizon.