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Cleveland Indians Rumors: Potential of a Josh Donaldson trade

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The Cleveland Indians have until Friday night to make a waiver trade. One player linked to the team has been Josh Donaldson.

The Cleveland Indians have right until the clock strikes midnight on Friday to make a trade before the waiver deadline.

The team was active in the August trade market in 2017, but fans are waiting to see if that will be true again in 2018.

One player the Indians have been linked to is Josh Donaldson.

Donaldson, the 2015 American League MVP, is currently on a rehab assignment for the Toronto Blue Jays. An article published just a bit ago explained that he did experience some soreness recently. The only way he can be traded is if he is confirmed to be healthy.

Let’s say Donaldson is cleared to be traded. I’m not sure about his fit with the Indians.

Terry Francona came out and said Jose Ramirez wasn’t moving to second base. If that remains true then Donaldson doesn’t have a spot in the starting lineup here. That complicates things just a bit.

My guess is that the Indians front office is set with the current infield. If there was interest in improving the infield, it doesn’t make sense to be so firm on not moving Ramirez.

The only way Donaldson fits is if he comes as a bench player. With his injuries this season he could join the team essentially as a pinch-hitter for the postseason. There is no harm in that if the cost is low. It also prevents him from going to another contender in the AL.

Donaldson would be able to get plenty of action in September as the Indians cruise to another division title. If the goal is to stack the lineup with talent this move doesn’t hurt.

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I would expect the Indians to target an outfield more than someone like Donaldson. But this time of year sometimes produces surprising moves.