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Cleveland Indians: Fans need to stop booing Indians players

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Some boos were heard at today’s Cleveland Indians game when Cody Allen was on the mound. This type of behavior is just ridiculous.

The Cleveland Indians picked up a 5-3 victory today in a game when Cody Allen made a scoreless appearance.

So why were fans booing one of the best closers in franchise history?

Allen hasn’t had a great month of August. He has blown three saves, including two in the past week. That is now five blown saves on the season, the same amount Brad Hand had in San Diego before he was traded to Cleveland.

It appears that Allen has taken on the Bryan Shaw haters as the negativity had to attach itself somewhere. Jason Kipnis has already dealt with a lot of that this season as well.

I get that Allen isn’t playing great right now. But what does booing him do?

Booing in general makes one look foolish. That isn’t pretentious, it’s just a fact. Such a weird process. Paying money to go to a baseball game and yelling at a player you technically paid to see.

The whole point of home-field advantage is to give your team that extra edge. That added motivation and energy from cheers. So when Cody Allen gets behind in the count and hears boos, all that does is add stress. That doesn’t help the team at all.

Booing a player on your own team after he walks a batter won’t get him traded, thankfully, and serves no purpose other than to show you don’t quite understand the game of baseball. If you want your team to win, then yelling at a player on that team who is trying to accomplish that mutual goal doesn’t do much good.

“Fans” will always boo players as long as professional sports remain around. It even happens at high school games, which really shows how awful some people are.

The Indians own a 14-game lead in the AL Central. Why is anyone being negative? The benefit of such a lead is that players like Allen can work through their struggles without the stress of a division race. This is clear to most fans who don’t make a spectacle of themselves at Progressive Field.

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Cody Allen is going to continue to appear late in games for the remainder of the season and throughout the postseason. If this is a deal breaker for certain fans, they may as well just not watch the games.