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Cleveland Indians rightfully back on ‘Sunday Night Baseball’

(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Indians had a Sunday night game earlier this season and will do it again in September against the Boston Red Sox.

Sunday Night Baseball is realistically supposed to be ESPN’s weekly baseball showcase. That’s why it was odd last night when fans were subjected to watch the New York Yankees take on the Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles are 37-94.

This had me annoyed and wondering why the Cleveland Indians, who entered the season as one of the top teams in baseball, only had one Sunday night game this season. That came in May against the Houston Astros.

My angst was answered by ESPN today.

This game will be played in Cleveland and could be an early ALCS preview. Not to get ahead of myself at all.

I am glad to see this and it is good to know a team like the Indians will get some national attention ahead of the postseason. Anything to avoid another Yankees-Red Sox matchup or worse, a team like the Orioles in primetime in front of an empty stadium.

The series against Boston is the last series of the season against a playoff-bound team. The Indians do take on the Tampa Bay Rays in September, but that club is likely out of contention even with a record of 70-61.

Hopefully by the time this game rolls around the Indians will have clinched the AL Central for the third year in a row and the lineup can feature some call-ups thanks to roster expansion in September. The only race the Indians are in now is the one for the second seed in the league, but that may also be over by September 23.

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It is nice to see the Indians get the attention they deserve before everything gets hectic again in October.