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Cleveland Indians: Why Jose Ramirez likely won’t play second base

(Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images) /

Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona continues to deny the notion that Jose Ramirez will play 2B. Here is why that’s the right move going forward.

A popular idea in the droves of Cleveland Indians fans is that Jose Ramirez is better suited to play second base, while Jason Kipnis is moved to the depleted outfield. There are many reasons people like this idea. Kipnis isn’t having a great season, and it’s an alignment that the Indians used in the playoffs last year.

There are also reasons that it doesn’t make much sense. Firstly, if you’re using the basis that the Indians used it in the playoffs, need we remind you what happened in those playoffs? While the prospect of seeing Ramirez play, what some consider his more natural position, is exciting; it doesn’t really do much to help his MVP case.

Ramirez is arguably a gold-glover at 3B, and moving to 2B will likely put an end to that. While it does open up a door for Yandy Diaz, I personally don’t think Yandy is ready for everyday MLB action.

It’s also worth mentioning that Ramirez hasn’t taken any reps at 2B this year, nor has Kipnis in the outfield. It could produce injury risks for both players if they’re moved to a new position over 3/4 of the way through the season.

Another point to be made is that it arguably won’t make that much of a difference in his production. JRam played 2B for much of August and September, he had a very productive September, but with his incredible production in 2018 it’s hard to argue that a simple position change will add to that.

There is also a case of accountability in all of this. Jason Kipnis has made nine errors at 2B, while Jose Ramirez has made a career-high eight errors at 3B. All around the Indians defense has made quite a few errors. Cleveland ranks 11th in the MLB with 68 errors with quite a few blunders coming recently.

Maybe it’s just the woes of a long season, but moving Jose Ramirez to second base for a younger player at 3B isn’t going to fix that issue. Lastly, if fans are really set on Kipnis being benched, the Indians can use utility infielder Erik Gonzalez at 2B.

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Gonzalez has out-hit  Kipnis this season, and while the sample size is small; it warrants more discussion than the prospect of Ramirez heading to 2B. Overall; however, you can likely count on Kipnis playing out the season, giving Francona’s loyalty and trust in his players. What that means for the Indians heading into October remains to be seen.