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Cleveland Indians: Appreciating Shane Bieber’s jersey this weekend

(Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images) /

Cleveland Indians players got to show off their personalities this weekend with their uniforms. Shane Bieber arguably won the nickname game.

Major League Baseball isn’t exactly the greatest league when it comes to letting players express themselves. Some of that falls on the players themselves, such as those who take offense to someone celebrating a home run.

But the expression flowed over the weekend as part of Players’ Weekend. From nicknames on the backs of jerseys to fun cleats and bats, it was a fun time to learn more about who these players are.

What I learned is that Cleveland Indians rookie Shane Bieber has a great sense of humor. Him rocking “Not Justin” on the back of his jersey was the best nickname on display, in my opinion. All we need now is for Justin Bieber to make a statement about how he is not Shane Bieber. That may break the Internet.

The runner-up for best nickname has to be Melky Cabrera going by “Melk Man,” only because he had the Melk Men in the crowd today. Is going to a baseball game dressed as a milkman on a muggy day in Missouri a bit odd? Yes, but it’s worth it.

This past weekend should serve as an example to the entire league that it is just fine to show some personality. It makes the game more fun for everyone involved, unless you like to get angry at people having fun.

I just couldn’t get over the “Not Justin” nickname and I would love for Shane to clarify this fact in every future interview he does.

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The Indians didn’t have a great weekend wearing the nickname jerseys, but “Not Justin” Bieber was able to have a solid outing and pick up the win today.