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Cleveland Indians: Finding some humor in latest Trevor Bauer news

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Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer had to deal with some unnecessary nonsense over the weekend. It was frustrating but somewhat funny at the same time.

Trevor Bauer already has to deal with the frustration of being sidelined with an injury during what could have been a Cy Young season.

Then the Cleveland Indians pitcher had to deal with a satirical tweet that was picked up as fact over the weekend. Such is the world of the constant news cycle.

For those who were enjoying the sun and missed it, this is how the situation started:

Clearly satire, unless you are so dense you can’t see humor in the world anymore. Apparently that’s common.

This situation is humorous until you realize a ridiculous joke about Bauer was presented as fact, making him look ridiculous as a result.

Bauer wasn’t happy.

I get his frustration but at the same time, logical people seeing this on television should have known this wasn’t real. If people want to try to tear down Bauer for dumb reasons, let them. It only reflects negatively on those individuals.

This all happened over the weekend so I wanted to wait to see if anything else developed. It didn’t, so this will go down as an odd part of what has been a great season for Bauer. If I were him I would always reference CIA nanites in every interview I did with MLB Network from now on.

May as well have a little fun with the situation. Anyone who truly believed this looks much more foolish than Bauer does for being involved with this joke that was missed by some television producers.

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I’ll go ahead and agree with Bauer that spreading misinformation is not good and is a real problem in this country. But this is almost too much of a clear joke to get angry about, especially when Bauer is able to go on social media and say the news isn’t real.