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Cleveland Indians: The supposed injury timetable for Trevor Bauer

(Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images)
(Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Indians provided an injury timetable for Trevor Bauer, although the pitcher claims he could be ready to come back sooner.

Cleveland Indians fans are used to injuries hitting the team late in the season. Some may call it a curse. Others may deem it Cleveland luck.

Trevor Bauer was a victim of such luck back in 2016, although it was self-inflicted.

The injury bug struck him again this season in the form of a line drive last week. Bauer is now on the disabled list and although there was no timetable at first, the situation became more clear today.

Then came the pregame show on STO when Bauer made it clear he thinks he can pitch right now, while also acknowledging the medical staff is there to protect players from potentially injuring themselves by playing through an injury.

It is interesting to see the reaction to this. A lot of fans may call players soft but then also think Bauer needs to keep his mouth shut. That just doesn’t equal out and make sense.

I see it as a positive sign that Bauer wants to be out on the mound right now. He knows his body best and goes about his game much differently than most other players in the game today. It may not be wise for him to play right now but at least he has that competitive fire to where he wants to be out there. He isn’t just sitting at home collecting a paycheck.

I personally have never had a problem with the way Bauer acts. This is not to shill for him, I just prefer competitive players who also work hard to perfect their craft.

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As for when Bauer returns, I will go ahead and assume the team keeps him out for at least a month. That may make him angry and ruin his Cy Young chances, but the goal is a World Series title. The team can’t take any risks with this massive lead in the division.