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Cleveland Indians: Ranking the top 10 Players’ Weekend nicknames

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7: Jason Kipnis: “Dirtbag”

Jason Kipnis has had this nickname for a while. Last year he kept things simple with “Kip” so it’s cool to see him use his other nickname this year. Jason Kipnis is known for getting down and dirty in the infield and on the bases. He’s not afraid to slide and get covered in some of that infield dirt which has earned himself the title of dirtbag. If you had a commercial featuring you calling you “Dirtbag” you have to keep the nickname.

6: Francisco Lindor: “Mr Smile”

Who else in the MLB is more suited for this nickname? Francisco Lindor is never seen without a smile on his face. He smiles through his swing, he smiles when he’s out, he smiles when he steals, he smiles on defense… you get the point. Lindor is slowly becoming one of the faces of baseball and that smile of his is helping him in that regard.

5: Brad Hand: “Brotein Shake”

It takes a moment to thank about but when your last name is hand you can make a lot of puns. Instead, he went with a clever nickname that everyone loves to say. Not to mention you can make it a play on words for hand-shake. Brotein shake is an all-time, see your buddy at a bar nickname. Props to Brad Hand for staying on top of the nickname game in his first year in Cleveland.

4: Andrew Miller: “Miller Time”

I know he used it last year, but it really is an all-time nickname. Anytime you can use your actual name to pertain to your nickname, you’re gonna get bonus points. The fact that his nickname is the catchphrase for time to drink beer is a huge plus. On top of that, if you buy this jersey you can still wear it even if Andrew Miller leaves town. You can just say it’s a Miller Lite shirt.