Cleveland Indians: Ranking the top 10 Players’ Weekend nicknames

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The MLB released all of the Players’ Weekend jerseys along with the player nicknames yesterday. Naturally we are ranking the best nicknames chosen by the Cleveland Indians players.

The MLB is bringing back the Players’ Weekend for the second year in a row. Last year the jerseys were a hit and the Cleveland Indians had some great names featured on their jerseys. There were some players who were not very creative with their nicknames last year but it seems this year everyone is in on the fun.

Well, everyone except for Corey Kluber; who donned the clever nickname “Kluber”. As a fun-loving Cleveland Indians website, it is our duty to report to you the Top 10 Nicknames featured on these jerseys.

Names that were used last year may be a bit more harshly graded but they can still make the list on account of simply being great nicknames. Lets’s get to it.

10: Dan Otero: “OT”

Props to Dan Otero for continuing to don the nickname OT after the whole bullpen debacle against the Reds. The fact that he refuses to shed that nickname after Terry Francona admitted their was confusion when calling the bullpen. He’d called for “OP” or Oliver Perez and the bullpen heard it as “OT” resulting in Otero coming out of the bullpen and the Indians promptly lost the game. It’s not a great nickname but the fact that Otero refuses to change it is enough to earn him a spot.

9: Mike Clevinger: “Sunshine”

Mike Clevinger used this nickname last year but it really describes him perfectly. Mike Clevinger is the gypsy rebellious looking pitcher with long flowing golden hair and an incredible tattoo sleeve. His use of emoji’s and Beatles lyrics on twitter is a perfect representation of his fun-loving, easy-going personality. He is Sunshine in the Indians clubhouse with a great arm and a contagious smile.

8: Trevor Bauer: “Bauer Outage”

It’s a nickname I would rank higher, but it’s another that was used last season. Trevor Bauer‘s nickname is still too good not to feature on this list. He’s gone as far as naming his website after this nickname and having shirts with the name on it. Anytime Bauer is on the mound fans hope for another incredible Bauer Outage much like he’s had all year.