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Cleveland Indians Rumors: Indians inquire about Bryce Harper

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The Cleveland Indians have reportedly checked in about trading for Bryce Harper. Such a trade would be an insane yet exciting move.

The Cleveland Indians would be wise to trade for an outfielder.

All options are on the table and apparently that includes Bryce Harper, according to a story on by Jon Morosi.

Let’s start with the fun part and say that this trade would be awesome. The Indians would land a star and would surely win the World Series. Woo!

The problem is that such a trade may not be in the team’s best interest. And according to the article, the Indians simply checked in about Harper. That may mean a simple phone call just to see if the price was low enough.

Harper is having a down year in 2018, slashing .220/.369/.473 with 25 home runs and 62 RBIs. There is also the problem that he is a free agent after this season and his next long-term destination will not be Cleveland.

Even though he would be a rental the price would be far too high. The Indians would need to send at least a few top prospects to complete the deal. Morosi notes it may take both Triston McKenzie and Shane Bieber. There is no way the Indians would do that for a superstar rental.

The front office is smart to be checking in on all the possibilities out there. And if not for a leak, this information may have never been newsworthy in the first place. But since it is out there, it is still exciting to think of Bryce Harper in an Indians uniform.

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The Indians will likely go for a cheaper player and one who is having more success this season. Harper is still a star, but it wouldn’t be wise to give up so much for him in what is a down year by his standards.