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Cleveland Indians: 3 takeaways from a painful loss to the Yankees

(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)
(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Indians fell victim to their own miscues as they once again drop a close game to the New York Yankees.

Wow, that one hurt. The Cleveland Indians fell to the New York Yankees 5-4 Saturday night on a confusing and embarrassing play in the seventh inning.

Mike Clevinger stayed consistent with Yankees’ starter C.C. Sabathia but it was the unearned run that made the difference and pegged sunshine with the loss.

What. Was. That. Play.

Seriously, I still don’t understand how a major league baseball team pulls something like that off. I will lie awake tonight knowing that grown men being paid hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars couldn’t handle the ball.

In the top of the seventh Austin Romine hit a typical double off the right field wall. Nothing special. And then it all fell apart.

First, Guyer watches the ball bounce off the wall and plays it terrible as it goes right past him. Then, he can’t manage to grasp the concept of picking up a baseball off the ground.

Next, he gets it to the cut off man, Erik Gonzalez, who proceeds to somehow one hop a throw to third from just out of the infield, and sends it well wide of third base.

I honestly can’t tell if Jose could’ve reached that ball or if it hit off Austin Romine’s leg but either way it was a bad throw by Gonzalez (1-3 at the plate and a game costing error, the perfect Jason Kipnis replacement).

Clevinger doesn’t get into position to back up third base in time, the ball ricocheted off the fence, went past him, and rolled into the dugout. Routine double is know a head scratching home run(?) and the Yankees get the lead they used to win. Yuck.

Jose is still fire though

I’m totally convinced that if the Indians just fielded a team of Jose Ramirez they’d do no worse than they are now and maybe even better.

But seriously, this guy is keeping this team in every single game they play. Yankees jump out to quick 3-0 lead? He knocks a solo shot to make it 3-1 in the bottom of the inning.

He had two runs and an RBI in the game and he’s putting himself in not just the MVP conversation but he has a real shot to take home the award.

His home run in the first inning was his 29th of the season, keeping him tied for the most in MLB. His 29 homers are the same amount that he had all of last season, a previous career high for him.

It also ties him with Mickey Mantle for the most home runs by a switch hitter before the all star break, and Ramirez still has one more game to break it.

Jose went from surprise, to promising but probably a fluke, to one of the best hitters in the game, and I can’t wait to see him hoist an MVP trophy.

Mejia is back

Francisco Mejia finally got the call back up to the big leagues and after much discussion around if he’d be in right field or get to catch, he was made the designated hitter for the game.

If you hadn’t heard that Mejia was up and in the lineup then you probably are finding this out for the first time as he had a rather quiet evening. 0-2 with two walks and stubborn attitude with the inability or desire to start in right field.

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Never change, Mejia (except please do because choosing AAA over starting in right field for a major league baseball team is incredibly naive and stupid).