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Cleveland Indians: Tribe finally beat the Yankees, let’s enjoy it

(Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images)
(Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Indians finally landed a punch! The New York Yankees have finally fallen to the Indians after so many struggles with them this year.

It has finally happened. The Cleveland Indians have defeated the New York Yankees. It’s felt like an eternity since the Indians have taken one from the Bronx Bombers. The Yankees have won the last six games against the Indians including last years’ playoffs.

What went different this time? The Indians had the better youngster on the mound last night. The Yankees had Domingo German on Friday night and he continued his downward spiral. If anyone forgot about German, he made his first MLB start against the Tribe.

So German made his second start against the Indians and it wasn’t nearly as effective as his first. In that game German worked six innings with nine strikeouts and no runs allowed. Last night against the Tribe he was not quite as effective. Shane Bieber on the other hand, decided to win over the hearts of Tribe fans.

Bieber worked seven innings last night. He didn’t seem overworked but he did allow three runs against a powerful Yankees lineup. Still, it was nice to see Bieber earn his stripes against a powerful Yankees team.

The Indians got to German early and ended up getting six earned runs off of German. Yesterday he only made it four inning deep with six strikeouts. The Indians have had plenty of offensive chances against the Yankees but last night  they finally took advantage of it.

It’s felt like the Tribe have played a lot of close games against the Yankees. That’s because they’ve been neck and neck in most other games. In the first series the Yankees faced the Indians, they had two walk-offs. On Thursday they took the lead late and came back to beat the Indians again.

Yesterday was different. If had the same feel as another bullpen nightmare but that was not the case. The Cleveland Indians took a 4-0 lead early against German. Normally with a 4-0 lead you’d can relax and not worry too much.

That has not been the case for the Tribe this year. The Indians have been faced against great rallies all year. Last night as fan’s watched the game, there was a constant sense of worry in the back of the heads of Indians fans. The Yankees managed to tie the game and the Tribe offense had to answer the call to action.

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They answered as we all saw as the Tribe responded to the Yankees hot fifth inning with two runs to hold the lead. The bullpen bent but didn’t break and the Tribe earned their win. Enjoy it Indians fans. This may be the spark the Tribe needs.