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Cleveland Indians: Tribe land 5 players in 2018 All-Star Game

(Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images) /

With the help of fans, coaches, and the terrific play of their stars, the Cleveland Indians have landed five players in the 2018 All-Star Game in D.C.

All-Star week may not mean as much anymore but it is still something fun to be a part of. For the Cleveland Indians, they will be a big part of this year’s All-Star festivities. The Tribe have five players featured in this year’s game.

It’s the 2nd consecutive game for Jose Ramirez as a starter, he’s earned this role after being easily the best third baseman in the American League. Ramirez has a 5.7 fWAR, good for second in baseball behind Mike Trout. He will be a back to back starting 3B for the Tribe; the first since Al Rosen in 1953-54.

Jose was the only starter, but Francisco Lindor was close to earning his second start in the game. Despite missing being a starter, Lindor made the game as a reserve. Michael Brantley has also made the game as a reserve.

Lindor and Brantley made the game for the third time in their careers. This is the third time in a row than Frankie Lindor has made the ASG. We talked last week about how he was deserving of a starting spot. despite missing the starting spot Lindor will be a part of All-Star week, no one is more deserving of that spotlight.

As for the pitchers, the Indians will once again see two pitchers in the ASG. Corey Kluber will attend his second consecutive ASG and will be joined by a fellow member of his rotation. Trevor Bauer has been one of the most prolific pitchers in baseball this year. He’s dominated with his strikeout rate this year and is the leader in fWAR for pitchers.

Trevor Bauer has been the subject of controversy for much of this MLB season. Despite that, seeing him in the ASG is the perfect spotlight for Bauer. Without a doubt we will cover more of this All-Star game in two weeks. With all of the fun personalities in the ASG we’re bound to see a lighter side to the Indians players we love all through the week.

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The All-Star game will be played next Tuesday. We will wait to see if Jose Ramirez participates in the Home-Run derby. Regardless, we’re bound to have a fun week of baseball.