Cleveland Indians: Nothing wrong with Trevor Bauer’s All-Star comments

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(Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images) /

Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer believes he belongs in the All-Star Game. This is not a matter of ego, but one of fact.

Trevor Bauer has been a dominant force on the mound for the Cleveland Indians so far in 2018.

He leads the qualified starters on the team in ERA, strikeouts, innings pitched, and hasn’t allowed more than three earned runs in a start since May 27. He allowed four in what ended up being a 10-9 Indians win over the Houston Astros.

After another great start Wednesday, he had this to say:

There are several ways to look at this quote.

The lame way is to get mad and say that Bauer is lacking any sense of humility. Based on how some view him based on his past and some of his personal beliefs, there are those out there who think Bauer is bragging and will take this negatively.

The logical and fun way to view this quote is to agree with Bauer because he is right. He does indeed deserve to be in the game and will likely be selected.

I touched on it in the takeaways from Wednesday’s game, but Bauer is all over the AL leaderboards when it comes to starting pitchers. The only thing he isn’t at the top of is the win category, but hopefully no one is citing that as a reason why he shouldn’t be in the All-Star Game.

I like how Bauer is honest to say what he is thinking. He knows he is at the top of the leaderboards and isn’t going to be coy and pretend like he would be surprised by an All-Star selection. He has worked hard for years to reach this point and knows he has earned it. Who wouldn’t want a player showing this kind of confidence, especially given how great he has been to start the year?

Bauer and Corey Kluber seem likes locks to make the game, while Cody Allen and/or Mike Clevinger could makes cases as well. As for the offense, Jose Ramirez is set to start while Francisco Lindor should be brought in as a reserve. The same will hopefully be true for Michael Brantley.

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We will know Bauer’s status for the All-Star Game soon, and his confidence in himself should be rewarded with a selection. If he is snubbed for whatever reason, it is more of a negative reflection upon the process of choosing players rather than on Bauer’s comments.