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Cleveland Indians: An ideal trade scenario shared in FanSided list

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The Cleveland Indians may be seeking upgrades at the trade deadline and moving one player could be an ideal scenario for the team.

Not all Cleveland Indians fans are excited about the idea of seeing Jason Kipnis in the lineup every single day.

The veteran is slashing just .214/.293/.338 this season. He has had flashes of success but nothing than has been sustained for weeks at a time.

With the trade deadline approaching, some Indians fans may be dreaming of a trade that sends Kipnis elsewhere. That reality could be true according to a FanSided article that listed Kipnis as one Indians player likely to be traded in 2018.

So there it is. He is likely gone and that is that. Right?

The situation is not that simple. For Kipnis to be traded some team will have to want to take on his contract that runs through next season when he is owed nearly $15 million. Not exactly what a team is looking to pay for a player with his numbers.

I see a lot of fans on Twitter talking about how Kipnis needs to be traded or outright released, but it isn’t that easy. The only way Kipnis would be traded is if some team was willing to take on his salary in exchange for getting an even bigger contract off the books. Or if some GM out there is a true Kipnis believer.

There is also the fact Kipnis is a well-liked player and that means something when Terry Francona is the manager. Fans may disagree but it is just how he runs his teams.

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So while the FanSided article lists Kipnis as someone who will be dealt, he is more likely someone who would ideally be dealt. That pesky $15 million figure will be what likely keeps him in Cleveland for another season.