Cleveland Indians: Should Cody Allen be removed from the closer’s role?

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Cleveland Indians closer Cody Allen has struggled lately. Should Terry Francona remove him from the closer’s role?

It’s been a rough stretch for Cody Allen. So far in the month of June, Allen has suffered two losses on his record and has seen his ERA on the season rise to 4.18, the highest of his career. In his six previous seasons, Allen has finished with an ERA over 3.00 only once, and that was his rookie year.

The entire bullpen has struggled since late April, when Andrew Miller went down with an injury. Since then, it’s been a major challenge to get that group back on track. Miller and Allen were supposed to be the two lockdown arms in this bullpen. Miller can’t stay on the field, and Allen hasn’t been the same without Miller pitching before him. Now there are no dependable arms in the bullpen.

After his recent struggles, there are some calling for Allen’s removal from the closer’s role. But removing him from the closer’s role does not solve anyone’s problem.

Should Cody Allen be removed?

No. Cody Allen should not be removed from the closer’s role. You can’t just remove someone from their role without having someone ready to take their place. Who would take over the closer’s role? Miller is still hurt. Neil Ramirez is still trying to get the feel of the setup role. Everyone else in this bullpen is having a worse season than Allen.

Allen has only blown one save this season. The other two games were tied when he allowed the winning runs to score, which doesn’t excuse him allowing the runs, but still. Allen has converted 12 saves this year and has directly cost the Cleveland Indians only three games. Sure it’s three games more than we would like, but considering how the rest of the bullpen has been, only losing three games isn’t bad.

Every closer has blown saves now and then. None of them remain perfect for an entire season.

The fact is, Cody Allen remains the best option Terry Francona has. Regardless of a couple breakdowns here and there, Allen is the best pitcher the Cleveland Indians have in that bullpen. Putting someone without any experience in that closer’s role in place of Allen would not be a wise move.

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Even any potential trade acquisitions that can pitch in the closer’s role would not immediately take over the job. Unless by then Allen has completely collapsed and someone is needed in that closer’s role, but I don’t see that happening. That job is Allen’s for the foreseeable future.