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Cleveland Indians: Corey Kluber continues long stretch of dominance

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The Cleveland Indians long for consistency in the bullpen this season. Meanwhile, Corey Kluber provides a sense of security and consistency in the starting rotation every fifth day.

The Cleveland Indians made a tough decision in May last season shaking up their rotation for a month.

The team placed Corey Kluber on the disabled list with a back issue after a three-inning disaster outing against Detroit on May 2, 2017.

That DL stint may have been a blessing in disguise for the dominant right-hander. The stats he has put up since returning June 1, 2017 have been jaw-dropping. The following tweet reflects his stats before his start Tuesday night:

As the tweet above from Ryan Spaeder shows, Kluber had some amazing stats headed into the game Tuesday night against Milwaukee.

Striking out one-third of the batters he has faced while walking only 3.5 percent is special. His ERA and average against are exceptional as well.

Kluber’s consistency and ability to keep the Indians in the game every time out is extremely reliable. His live-in-the-now attitude while pitching is fun to watch and you can never tell when he is flustered.

His calm attitude is most definitely a strong reason his numbers are so consistent. He finds his way out of jams just as quick as he finds himself in them game in and game out.

To update some of Kluber’s stats to include last night, he has now started 36 games since June 1, 2017. In those 36 games he has now 24 wins in 258 innings of work.

His ERA has lowered to 1.74 while he raised his strikeout total to 319. His 36 starts are a little over the same amount as a full season worth of work. A season of 24-4 with 1.74 ERA and 319 strikeouts would be an amazing season for any pitcher.

Kluber sometimes does not get the love or recognition he deserves. He does his thing each start but the Indians aren’t typically a nationally talked about team so he does not get put in the conversation as often as others.

The show Corey Kluber has put on for over a calendar year continued last night. Tribe fans need to appreciate just how great of an Indians pitcher they are getting to witness.

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I look forward to telling my grandchildren I watched one of the most dominant Indians/MLB pitchers of all time. For now, I will sit back and enjoy this ride Kluber is taking us on.