Cleveland Indians: 3 notable statistics through 58 games

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Cleveland Indians
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There are both good and bad stats sported by Cleveland Indians players through 58 games of what has been an interesting 2018 season so far.

The Cleveland Indians had a much-needed day off on Monday after losing three straight games in Minnesota.

The Indians remain in first place, but only holding a 2.5-game lead over the Detroit Tigers through 58 games is not exactly what fans had in mind. And to make things even more worrisome, the Indians are set to take on the Milwaukee Brewers, a 37-23 team. After that comes a showdown with the second-place Tigers.

While there has been plenty to complain about, there has also been a lot to celebrate. This tweet about sums it up.

The bullpen has been about as bad as a bullpen can be, yet the offense and the starting rotation have done enough to keep the team in first place. The effects of the bullpen go beyond just those pitchers blowing leads. There is such a lack of trust, sometimes causing Terry Francona to leave his starters on the mound longer than needed. That has led to some tired starters giving up runs late.

It has been a wild ride so far through 58 games, so let’s look at some notable stats up to this point. We shall start with a positive one before getting to the negatives.