Cleveland Indians: Another food item joins the mascot team

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Indians announced the reveal of a new mascot. Fans had some wild guesses, but the actual result wasn’t all that wild.

The Cleveland Indians decided to spice things up by teasing a new mascot.

The reveal came early this morning and the result was…bacon?

Interesting. Who doesn’t love a human-size piece of bacon with eyes, a mouth, arms and legs. Really helps with the ‘ole appetite.

Fans were speculating what the new mascot could be and this likely wasn’t what anyone had in mind.

It is almost impossible to guess what a new mascot could be for this team. That is, one that isn’t a food item.

It is hard to think up new mascots when the current lead mascot is some sort of demon. I hold that opinion after crying when seeing Slider as a young boy. I haven’t changed my stance on the matter since.

Teasing a new mascot could have been a big deal but the Indians decided to add a sort of gimmick mascot to the team. What’s next? Perhaps a nacho or a pretzel. Let’s make the hot dog races an official event on a track with eight food contestants.

I wanted to have a hot take on this subject but I don’t know what there is to say. It’s hard to make fun of bacon. The problem is that bacon doesn’t exactly fit as a baseball mascot. Do people eat bacon at games? If so, I need to find out where they are getting it from.

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The Indians are in the midst of phasing out the use of Chief Wahoo on the uniforms, but it appears there is still some more meetings to be held on a potential new mascot to be Slider’s sidekick. For now, we have hot dogs and a piece of bacon.