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Cleveland Indians: A dynamic duo snubbed in a simple tweet

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The Cleveland Indians had the day off Thursday but that didn’t stop fans from getting angry about a tweet that disrespected two rising stars.

The Cleveland Indians are preparing for a big series in Houston. In the meantime, fans are defending the team’s honor on Twitter after a clear snub.

All it took was one simple tweet to make people angry. Such is life in 2018.

The incriminating tweet:

This is blasphemy! Shohei Ohtani doesn’t even play in every game! That should surely disqualify him from being included.

Francisco Lindor and Jose Ramirez are two legitimate MVP candidates, yet they are nowhere to be seen in this tweet. Jose thought this was odd too.

This tweet didn’t actually outrage me personally, but I see why fans get annoyed. The Indians have two young stars on the team, yet can’t even get into a simple graphic that they belong in. People complain about the MLB being bad at marketing its stars and this is yet another glaring example of just that.

If either Lindor or Ramirez played on the Yankees or the Red Sox, they would be superstars. Instead, the league pretends they are surprise standouts when they have been great all along.

As usual, it remains Cleveland against the world. Lindor and Ramirez will continue to dominate and postseason announcers can act surprised in October when the two continue to do what they have done for several years.

My guess is that whoever put that tweet together just thought up some names really quick. And if Lindor and Ramirez were included over one of the other duos, that team’s fans would likely be just as outraged.

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Maybe this will give the Indians some motivation heading into the big series in Houston. Or maybe not. Either way, it sure has the fans fired up.