Cleveland Indians: 3 shortstops to know for the MLB Draft

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Cleveland Indians
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Our coverage heading into the MLB Draft beginning on June 4 continues as we take a dive into a few shortstop prospects that could hear their names called by the Cleveland Indians early.

We’ve already covered some outfield prospects that could intrigue the Cleveland Indians and now we head to the infield to look at some shortstop prospects.

Shortstop is not exactly a position where the Indians are lacking talent, that’s for sure. With Francisco Lindor doing what he’s doing right now, plus prospects Willi Castro, Yu-Cheng Chang, Tyler Freeman, and Aaron Bracho all in the organization’s top 15 prospects, it’s an organizational strength right now.

However, shortstops are always in demand during the draft. The big thing with shortstops is their versatility. If a player is a shortstop in college, they can play anywhere in the big leagues. They could move to third base if they have an especially strong arm, or second base if they have a weak arm. They could move to the outfield, even. But if they can stay at the position, that’s where the organizational value is highest.

The shortstop is one of the most important positions on the field. They are generally a team’s best defender and are in charge of directing traffic during a play. The value on players that can play the position well is extremely high.

The last time the Cleveland Indians picked a shortstop with their first selection in the draft was 2011 when they selected Francisco Lindor. That picked has turned out alright so far. Perhaps it’s time for the Tribe to once again select a shortstop as the crown jewel of their draft class.

Not everyone can play shortstop, but shortstops can be play anywhere. So they’re an in-demand commodity. Here are a few shortstops that have first round buzz that the Indians might be able to snatch up.