Cleveland Indians: Francisco Lindor’s historic feat on Saturday

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor did something on Saturday that has not happened often in the history of the game.

Francisco Lindor has been on quite the tear for the Cleveland Indians as we approach the middle of May.

He entered play Sunday hitting .451 in the month of May with an OBP of .481. He also already has eight home runs in the month, which is just insane.

Two of those came Saturday night. Along with his two doubles, Lindor accomplished a feat even more rare than the beloved cycle.

A cycle is exciting, but what Lindor did was much more impressive. I’ll take an extra home run and double over a single and a triple any day.

Lindor has struggled on defense at the start of the month but has found a way to make up for it with his offense. His eight home runs and 13 RBI have contributed to a slugging percentage of 1.059 entering play Sunday. In simple terms, he is raking.

It is almost comical that the Indians paid Yonder Alonso and Edwin Encarnacion some big money to be the power hitters and it is the team’s young shortstop who is perhaps the best power hitter on the team.

Lindor has clearly taken the approach of trying to get under the ball with every swing, and while that can produce more strikeouts, it has led to some great results early on.

This is great news for fans now, but also means Lindor’s price tag will continue to rise with every pretty swing and every ball that ends up in the stands. I’ll chalk that up as a future problem.

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For now, we can just enjoy this rising star.