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Cleveland Indians: Celebrating Mother’s Day as Indians fans

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We here at Believeland Ball want to celebrate all the great things moms do to promote Cleveland Indians fandom on this Mother’s Day.

The Cleveland Indians have a game this afternoon, but more importantly it is Mother’s Day.

There will surely be plenty of people heading down to Progressive Field with their mom, while I will be spending the day at home with my mom watching Corey Kluber dominate on the mound.

Since this is a site covering the Indians, I wanted to point out just how much me being an Indians fan is because of my mom. When I was a little plump baby boy, my mom plopped me down in front of the television to watch Indians games on a daily basis. Don’t worry, I was allowed outside too. I just demanded to watch the Indians and rattle off the lineups while humming the Fox Sports theme.

My mom took me to countless games when I was younger and even let me stay when it was a blowout on a freezing cold day when I annoyingly asked to stay. Even on school nights!

My mom also takes the time to read some of the posts I write on this site, which is the writing only a mother could love.

I hope everyone out there who is able gives their mom a call or pays a visit today on this special day. Moms are the real MVPs out there and deserve thanks not just today, but every day.

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So please share any Indians-related memories you have with your mom in the comments section of this post. For me, I remember being at the 12-run comeback game in 2001 with my mom, who let us stay even though I was young and had school the next day. That was really cool of you, mom.