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Cleveland Indians: Trevor Bauer speaks the truth once again

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Trevor Bauer had some thoughts about the current state of the Cleveland Indians and what he had to say was spot on in terms of the situation.

Trevor Bauer could simply say losing is bad and some Cleveland Indians fans would find a way to overreact with some form of anger online.

Bauer started yesterday’s 10-9 loss against the Kansas City Royals, a game in which the offense was great but the pitching and defense contributed to the losing effort.

He had this to say after the game:

Nothing inflammatory here. Just speaking the hard truth that some people don’t want to hear.

I don’t understand any outrage at this statement because it is true. This Indians team is not playing winning baseball and that is evident when easy plays are botched on defense and the bullpen comes in and can’t hold onto leads.

Bauer didn’t even go far enough to call out Francisco Lindor, although doing that wouldn’t be great for the locker room. But as great as Lindor is, he is a player who needs to step up on defense if he is going to be the face of the team.

Bauer even admitted that he needs to step up as well. Nothing radical about this statement.

Some fans, and a particular Indians broadcaster, got upset at Bauer when he reacted to an error in New York. I saw no problem with a pitcher showing the same emotion that fans at home showed. This isn’t some fancy gentleman’s game from the 1800s. This is a sport where if the Indians have a bad season, people could lose their jobs.

And this team needs to figure things out and avoid giving away games. The AL Central is bad this year, but the Indians can’t fall into the trap of playing down to their competition. Along with that, the Indians won’t be making a deep postseason run with the way things are going now.

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Luckily it is only May, and comments like this from Bauer could help spark a turnaround. As always, winning will solve all the team’s problems.