Cleveland Indians: When will Andrew Miller get back?

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The Cleveland Indians bullpen is clearly lost without Andrew Miller being there. How much longer until he gets back?

The bullpen was lights out up until Miller walked off the field with a hamstring injury on April 25th. Ever since that time, this bullpen has been a major liability.

It’s no coincidence that the bullpen’s effectiveness went down shortly after Miller went on the DL. The starting rotation can’t do everything themselves, even though it appears right now they might have to. The Cleveland Indians could’ve won at least two of the three games in New York had the bullpen not blown up right before our eyes.

What’s Miller’s timetable?

Originally the hope was to have him back as soon as the ten days was up. That did not happen. Then the plan was to aim for Tuesday to begin the series against the Milwaukee Brewers. Unfortunately, that does not appear to be the case any more either.

The target for Miller now is Friday. So he will be back soon, but not soon enough for the next series against the Brewers. The rest of the bullpen will have its work cut out for them once again in this next series.

Losing Miller now could be a wake up call for the Cleveland Indians. The pitchers in the bullpen realize they can’t do what they want to if Miller isn’t there. The front office has to have realized this and will need to prepare accordingly for the trade deadline and next offseason.

The bullpen is clearly the biggest hole on the roster right now and even with an Andrew Miller return, the rest of the guys in the group may never get back to where the team needs them to be.

Not having Miller still shouldn’t be an excuse for these pitchers. They are professionals and need to get their job done. No one is asking them to step up and be Andrew Miller. All they need to do is get outs the same way they have done for their entire careers. But that appears to be too much to ask right now, and Miller is their security blanket.

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The Cleveland Indians need Miller to come back healthy on Friday and try to restore this bullpen to its former glory. Otherwise, we are likely to see major changes coming to this team in the next few months.