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Cleveland Indians: Josh Tomlin’s veteran status helps his current situation

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Some Cleveland Indians fans are ready to never see Josh Tomlin pitch again, but he may receive some more time due to his time with the organization.

Talking about removing Josh Tomlin from the starting rotation has become an annual event for Cleveland Indians fans.

The talk comes a bit earlier this season as Tomlin has not exactly been sharp to start the year.

Tomlin allowed two more home runs in a 10-4 loss on Sunday, which means he has now allowed 10 home runs in only 18.2 innings of work. He has 10 strikeouts on the season as well.

He has now allowed at least five runs in three of his four starts and currently sits with a record of 0-4. The Indians only have 12 losses this season.

Most fans are done with Tomlin, and understandably so. The problem is that Terry Francona is known to ride with his veterans, and may be giving Tomlin some more chances to turn things around.

Francona may also be feeling this way because the two possible replacements are both still out without clear timetables. Both Ryan Merritt and Danny Salazar continue to work back toward full health, but there hasn’t been a clear indication of when either will be ready.

Making things even more complicated is the fact Merritt can’t be sent down to the minors. So the team has to be absolutely positive about him being a part of the team moving forward if the goal is to let Tomlin go. But then what is Danny Salazar’s role?

Salazar may slot into the bullpen if the team wants to move on from Matt Belisle or Zach McAllister, but it may be too early to make such a decision. My prediction is that Merritt is let go and Salazar replaces Tomlin.

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Tomlin being a veteran, along with the injuries, ensures he will be given a fair shot to turn things around. He has had some terrible months before, only to turn things around after being given another chance. But with the Indians desperately in search of a World Series championship, there may not be any more chances left to give.