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Cleveland Indians: What to do when a game is postponed

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There’s nothing worse than getting excited for a Cleveland Indians game, just to have it get postponed. So what are you to do with the newfound time?

Nobody likes the rain. It ruins beautiful sunny weather and makes everything miserable. If you show me someone who says they enjoy rainy days, I’ll show you a liar.

That’s why every romantic movie has a scene where the main character is walking down the street and it starts to rain on them, making things worse.

So when baseball is paired with April showers, there’s no positive outlook.

What’s next when you go to sit down and get ready to watch a Cleveland Indians game, just to find out they’re on an indefinite rain delay or the game has been postponed?

Here are a few suggestions for you.

Watch another sport

Sure, you could watch another MLB game that may be on, but it’ll just end up making you upset that your own team is unable to play.

So flip over to another sport. The NHL and NBA are both in the thick of their playoffs and there’s reason to believe many of the matchups will be great ones.

The NHL playoffs have been referred to by many as the best postseason in sports. Seeding hardly gives an indication as to which team will come out on top, and nothing is more stressful than overtime in a playoff hockey game.

Comparatively, the NBA has been much more predictable the past few seasons as the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors have faced off in three straight NBA finals.

But there’s reason to believe this year is different. The Warriors have been hobbled and the Cavaliers haven’t looked themselves all season. It’s anyone’s game this year.

Binge watch The Office

Chances are, if it’s raining at the ballpark, it’s raining where you’re trying to watch. Since you already have access to a TV, then you’re halfway there.

Flip over to Netflix and queue up the greatest television show of all time, The Office. If you’re wondering whether I mean the U.S. or British version, just remember baseball is America’s pastime.

Maybe you were expecting a tough, tight game that would leave you on the edge of your seat until a close outstanding win. Then look no further than season two, episode 22, Casino Night.

Jim and Pam continue their “will they or won’t they,” leaving you on edge until their inevitable, season-ending kiss.

But if you weren’t looking forward to the game at all because you knew your squad was going to be blown out (see: Reds vs. anyone) and were expecting to be curled up in a ball in a pool of tears by the end of it, head on over to the series finale.

If you can keep a straight face when Michael returns and the show ends forever, well then you’re just not human.

Play The Show 18

If these substitutions don’t cut it, then get as close to the game as you possibly can. Fire up the PS4 and put in MLB The Show 18.

Since you couldn’t watch the game, play it. Put together the same game, pitching matchups, lineups and all.

No need to worry about your team losing, as you can take control and will them to victory. And if you can’t wait until October, you can run the simulation and take your team to a World Series victory.

Just because the teams can’t take the field in real life, doesn’t mean you can’t still watch them go at it on your TV.

Read about your team on FanSided

If none of this does the trick, or you don’t own a PS4, then use your newfound free time to read all you can about the comings and goings of your favorite team.

Learn more about the Indians farm system, get a recap of their last game or even look ahead to some of the tough decisions Cleveland will have to make in the future.

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