Cleveland Indians: Top 5 home run hitters in franchise history

Mandatory Credit: Harry How/Allsport
Mandatory Credit: Harry How/Allsport /
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Cleveland Indians
26 Oct 1995: Albert Belle of the Cleveland Indians runs the base during the game against the Atlanta Braves at the Jacobs Field in Cleveland, Ohio. The Indians defeated the Braves 5-4. (Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Indians have a long history of powerful hitters passing through town who have put up some great home run totals throughout the years.

Cleveland Indians fans have seen some great power hitters throughout the years, ranging from those mashing home runs at Progressive Field to those who hit some into the stands at League Park.

Fans have seen both current and future Hall of Famers hit home runs as members of the Indians, but some of the best home run hitters in franchise history had their best years as members of the Indians.

With Jim Thome’s likely Hall of Fame induction upcoming, I wanted to take a look at the five players who hit the most home runs as members of the Indians. This does not account for their career totals, but rather just how many they hit while donning an Indians uniform.

This list is interesting because the group spans decades, and some fans may be surprised to see who is actually among the top five. Sorry Pronk fans, Travis Hafner didn’t make the list. He currently ranks eighth with 200 home runs as an Indian, which may cause fans to wonder how many he could have had if he stayed healthy and lived up to his potential.

Let’s now take a look at the top five home run hitters in franchise history, starting with a player who spent most of his career in Cleveland.