Cleveland Indians: Recapping the 2017 top prospect countdown

We take a look back at the players in the Cleveland Indians organization who made our list of the top prospects heading into the 2017 season.

The Cleveland Indians are nearly ready to play some meaningful baseball, and that holds true all throughout the organization.

The minor league teams in the system will feature some great talent, some of which could be seen in Cleveland in the near future.

Our own Matt Bretz recently went through and ranked his top 30 prospects, including those who just missed out on making the list. His list went as follows (with links to each piece):

  1. Bradley Zimmer
  2. Brady Aiken
  3. Triston McKenzie
  4. Francisco Mejia
  5. Bobby Bradley
  6. Nolan Jones
  7. Yandy Diaz
  8. Yu-Cheng Chang
  9. Greg Allen
  10. Will Benson
  11. Juan Hillman
  12. Mark Mathias
  13. Tyler Krieger
  14. Rob Kaminsky
  15. Ryan Merritt
  16. Adam Plutko
  17. Erik Gonzalez
  18. Nellie Rodriguez
  19. Shane Bieber
  20. Mike Papi
  21. Julian Merryweather
  22. Luke Wakamatsu
  23. Ka’ai Tom
  24. Shawn Morimando
  25. Hoby Milner (Sent back to Phillies)
  26. Willi Castro
  27. Tim Cooney
  28. Gabriel Mejia
  29. Conner Capel
  30. Logan Ice

This list is filled with some great talent, which is great for the Indians in more than one way. Not only is the future bright, but some of these players could be used in trades to bolster the major league roster. It was done last year to acquire Andrew Miller, and was almost done to get Jonathan Lucroy.

Fans may not want to see certain players leave, but it is part of the game. For now, fans can get excited about some players on this list who may make it to Cleveland in 2017. Bradley Zimmer and Yandy Diaz are early favorites, while a player like Erik Gonzalez may be needed at some point for some depth in the infield.

We will be doing a recap of this list later in the year, and hopefully some of these prospects will have turned into starters for the Indians.