Cleveland Indians All-Time Top 20 Hitters in Franchise History

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Ranking the Top 20 Hitters in Cleveland Indians History:

Last week, we ranked the top ten pitchers in Cleveland Indians’ history. This week, we take a look at the top 20 hitters in the franchise, from the powerful sluggers of the 90s to the speedy stolen base machines of earlier decades.

There are many ways that players can make themselves into one of the greatest hitters of all time. Some of the names on this list are renowned for their consistency over long careers, while other had only short stints as an Indian that happened to be among the best performances of all-time.

One question that came up while putting this list together was how, if the Indians have so many outstanding hitters and so many terrific pitchers, they can have so few World Series Championships. The reality is that while the Tribe has had some of the best players in baseball history, they’ve rarely had great pitching staffs and great hitters at the same time. The few times that they have – such as the late 1940s – they did win a World Championship. It’s mind-boggling to look at the talent that has been amassed and, for lack of a better word, squandered by the Indians over the years.

Without further adieu – or any additional lamenting over the missed chances the Tribe has had – let’s get to that top 20 list:

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