Cleveland Indians: The Five Worst Moves by Mark Shapiro

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Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

No GM Is Perfect

There were definitely other moves that could be classified as “bad” by Mark Shapiro (the Jeriome Robertson trade quickly comes to mind); however, these were the five (or six) worst moves during Shapiro’s tenure with the Indians in my opinion.  Fans the last 15 years have loved to dwell on the negative in regards to Shapiro and the Indians. I can understand that as many only remember the 90s Indians teams and expected that kind of success to continue and be the norm.  Reality though is no general manager is perfect and while Shapiro made a number of poor decisions as the leader of the Indians, he made many more positive moves. I mean, it’s not like he ever drafted a relief pitcher over Derek Jeter

So which moves that Mark Shapiro made do you think were the worst? Did I miss one you truly thought was devastating to the organization? Let us know and be sure to check back soon for the list of the Best Moves Mark Shapiro made with the Cleveland Indians.

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