Cleveland Indians Trade Bourn, Swisher to Braves for Chris Johnson


Indians part ways with Swisher, Bourn for Braves Johnson

It almost seems to good to be true. The Cleveland Indians managed to part with all three of their disappointing free agent signings in the course of two weeks. After trading Brandon Moss to the St. Louis Cardinals for top pitching prospect Rob Kaminsky the Tribe dealt a surging Michael Bourn AND Nick Swisher along with cash considerations to the Atlanta Braves for Chris Johnson.

While this isn’t a “game-changer”, instead of the Indians marching these two out because the “have to” due to the money, they’ve opened up a few spots to start planning for the future. While this year hasn’t gone as hoped, it’s not as if the Tribe are in rebuilding. There are pieces in place. It’s more of a retooling than anything. There’s a core of pitching, and a few pieces in the likes of Jason Kipnis, Michael Brantley and Yan Gomes to build around. The last two months can now be used to identify players that will be part of the plan next season.

In Johnson, the Indians get another underachiever, but it was basically a bad contract swapped for a bad contract– Both teams hope the change of scenery will be the spark to help change the results. Johnson isn’t a lost cause, as he did have a solid 2013 season. He will strike out a lot, but he does have the potential to be a good bat.

The Indians are a historic franchise. But things in recent years have been historically bad. Being a model franchise for others to follow isn’t just about doing the right things, but having the results from doing so. The 90’s were the Indians’ decade. We don’t necessarily need that (but wouldn’t complain), but things definitely need to change in Cleveland.

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