Cleveland Indians: In-House Options to Consider Down the Stretch (Slideshow)

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Outfielder – Tyler Holt

For the most part, the Indians have been consistent with making changes when players aren’t performing. That time for Michael Bourn may be coming. There’s no denying that the Bourn and Nick Swisher signings haven’t worked out. Swisher can’t stay healthy, and Bourn can’t get on base consistently, essentially neutralizing his key attribute. Speed.

Terry Francona has moved Bourn around in the lineup, dropping him to the bottom, anything to help jumpstart him. None of these have worked, so it’s obvious to me they need to go into a different direction. Holt’s having a solid year with the Clippers slashing a line of .286/.377/.351 with 19 stolen bases. In comparison, Bourn has an on-base percentage of just .301 and seven steals.

Normally making such a drastic youth movement during the season isn’t ideal, but the guys in place aren’t getting the job done and Holt needs to be considered. Bourn has become the equivalent of a pitcher batting and a change in center field could be what they need.

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