Cleveland Indians News: All-Star Game Host; Fan Frustrations


Cleveland deserves to host the next ASG?

The second half will return today in all its glory, and the Cleveland Indians will hopefully begin a “new” season tonight. And that’s something we all need as frustration has built from a team that has great pitching but struggles to score runs. The up and down rollercoaster has frustrated many who feel this team is much better than their record shows. And somehow, they aren’t “out” of the playoff race. Our Jeff Mount shares his frustration, and he’s not alone.

The All-Star Game host selection process is one that takes place many years before a team hosts it in most cases, with the Padres selection as next year’s host being sped along because it’s a newer park, and San Diego hasn’t been the host in a while. But our Matt Bretz feels that no city is more deserving to host next year’s midsummer classic than the Indians. Yes, he’s a homer and he understands the process. But he makes a good argument for why it should come to Cleveland ASAP.

With so many teams still “in contention”–and that includes the Indians whether you agree or not–the possibility of several trades at this deadline is very possible, including a window ready to open for some notable ones. While the Tribe won’t be dealing for a big name, they could look to bolster the lineup with smaller moves if they start the second half hot.

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